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        Hydraulic steel reinforcement machine

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         Hydraulic steel reinforcement machine

        Introductions of Hydraulic steel reinforcement machine 
        Hydraulic steel reinforcement machine is the kind of equipment adopting advanced technical. Through processing specially of cheap cement, sand and so on, then and the Cement roof tile making machine (hydraulic press) produce different kinds of color tiles. According to the production and the nature of the work, the Hydraulic soil cement press machine can be divided into roll forming color concrete roof tile machine, extrusion color concrete roof tile machine, molded cement roof tile making machine, etc. At the present time, the molded Hydraulic cement brick press machine is the most advanced, most efficient full automatic numerical control color roof tile making machine. Hydraulic soil cement press machine is easy to operation and maintain and suitable for all kinds of entrepreneur.  With river sand and gravel, slag, shale, fly ash as main raw materials, such as adding a small amount of cement, caused by the mechanism of reinforced cushion block type reinforced cushion block, natural curing reinforced pad machine equipment can be used

        Advantages of Hydraulic steel reinforcement machine
        1. The Hydraulic cement brick press machine adopts PLC programmable controller featuring fast molding speed, large output, automatic control, man-machine interface,
        2. Imported hydraulic components are adopted in hydraulic system, the pressure can be adjusted.
        3. Take Use "program-controlled" Transmission positioning, stable transmission, accurate setting.
        4. Cement roof tile making machine is mainly used for building cast-in-situ, roads and railways, Bridges and buildings, reinforced concrete protective layer block, beam support, reinforced layer spacing standard block support, etc.
        5. Fire protection layer of concrete has a certain thermal insulation effect, can more easily to soften when you encounter fire bar, for their own protection
        6. Raw materials used widely, such as cement, stone, coal gangue, sand, fly ash, steel slag, cinder and all kinds of industrial waste slag, building, etc., adopting reasonable formula, the production of different types of products
        7. With pressure molding, no noise, low yield than other models, high compactness. Without plate maintenance, maintenance cycle is short .Less of choose and employ persons, to work the ground no requirement, product variety

        Technical data of Hydraulic steel reinforcement machine

        Finished product of Hydraulic steel reinforcement machine

        Hydraulic steel reinforcement machine

        The structure of Hydraulic steel reinforcement machine

        Hydraulic steel reinforcement machine

        Our customers from different countries

        Hydraulic steel reinforcement machine

        Packaging & Shipping of Hydraulic steel reinforcement machine

        Hydraulic steel reinforcement machine

        Our certifications

        Our Services 
        1. Accept user’s enquiries by all kinds of ways and establish user’s product cognition. Provide all kinds of product data and let customer understand characteristics of product.
        2. Accept inquiry of customers, confirmation of investment advice of choice of product, assist the customers to design the workshop
        3. Sale of product, help customers build the base ,technical training of customers’ workers ,practice of operation ,help to install ,train the operators in the workshop.

        Company Information
        Lantian machinery in the face of market challenges, vigorously promotes the enterprise management, lay a solid foundation, and supplement the relevant standards and management measures. The company in addition to providing Hydraulic steel reinforcement machine, Cement roof tile making machine, Hydraulic soil cement press machine, Hydraulic cement brick press machine, and can assist in surveying and mapping, design of hydraulic press. Cooperate with Lantian machinery you will get reliable technology and excellent service, welcome new and old customers and related technical personnel to contact us.

        Hydraulic steel reinforcement machine

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