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        Honeycomb briquette machine

        Posted at: 2017 / 01 / 17 by: Admin views:

          Honeycomb briquette machine

        Brief introduction of honeycomb briquette machine

        Honeycomb briquette machine is mainly used to make the coal / charcoal briquettes in honeycomb shapes .It is pressing into honeycomb briquette shape molding equipment. We can produce any kind of honeycomb briquette machine, the shape of the briquettes can be square, circle, pillow, hexagonal plum-blossom shape etc, and we can manufacture special mold for customers.  The honeycomb coal briquette are widely used in stove for cooking, BBQ, warming, etc. Each piece can burn 3-8 hours. What’s more, the final products is smokeless, very healthy.

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