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        Charcoal briquette machine

        Posted at: 2017 / 01 / 17 by: Admin views:

         Charcoal briquette machine

        Description of Charcoal briquette machine
        Charcoal briquette machine, also called Charcoal ball press machine, ball press machine, charcoal ball making machine, Biomass charcoal briquette press machine etc. It is used to process the charcoal powder into charcoal briquettes. We can provide various kinds Biomass charcoal briquette press machine for making different kinds charcoal briquettes, such as pillow shape, oval shape, egg shape, oval shape, heart shape, bread shape, etc. The shape and size both can be customized according to customer’s special requirement. The charcoal briquettes produced by our Charcoal ball press machine are most suitable for industrial boilers, home heating, barbecue, etc.

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