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        BBQ charcoal making machine

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         BBQ charcoal making machine

        Brief introduction of BBQ Charcoal making machine
        This BBQ Charcoal making machine is specially designed according to the characteristics of charcoal powder: specially used for charcoal powder industry, mainly used in producing kindle carbon and charcoal briquettes. The final product that machine give is smokeless, non-toxic, no peculiar smell and environment protective. This BBQ Charcoal briquette machine or BBQ Charcoal ball making machine is high pressure, high molding rate, high output, easy operation, rare fly-ash, evenly distributed heat and stable quality.  Gongyi Lantian Mechanical Plant can provide various kinds BBQ Charcoal briquette press machine for making different kinds charcoal briquettes, such as pillow shape, ball shape, egg shape, oval shape, heart shape, bread shape, etc. The shape and size both can be customized according to customer’s special requirement.      

        BBQ charcoal making machine

        Technical references of BBQ Charcoal making machine

        BBQ Charcoal making machine
        1) With 30 years' development. 
        2) Factory direct sale. 
        3) Reliable quality
        4) ISO9001 certificated

        Main features of the BBQ Charcoal making machine
        1. The BBQ Charcoal ball making machine is widespread and common raw materials: the raw materials can be charcoal powder, coal powder, fertilizer, salt, iron powder, and other powders. 
        2. Increase the calorific value per unit volume after briquetting
        3.The end outlet shape of products can be oval, round, square, ball egg-shaped and pillow shaped, and we can customized by your requirement.
        4. Low cost but high quality and efficiency 
        5. The machine is easy to operate and maintain
        6. BBQ Charcoal briquette press machine has high briquetting ratio, high pressure coal briquetting machine

        The final products of BBQ Charcoal making machine

        BBQ charcoal making machine

        The whole production line related to BBQ Charcoal making machine
        This series of BBQ Charcoal briquette machine will pass the power on to the two pressure roller through the reducer. The two sides and roll rotation, in both the rotating roll, Natural materials to enter the ball roll mode, with the roll rotation, material pressure on a small become larger, when the material to the two rollers rotating line contact point, the pressure of materials has reached the peak. Tremendous pressure in the role of line, the materials become a finished product from the powder ball.

        BBQ charcoal making machine

        Our Services
        1. Whole plant design and drawings are free after set order.
        2. Quality Commitment: Quality Warranty, Grantee Period: 1 year. Supply wearing parts with favorable price and long term after-sales service.
        3. If you need, we will dispatch professional engineer for installation, trail and worker training.

        Our customers from different countries

        Packaging & Shipping of BBQ Charcoal making machine

        BBQ charcoal making machine


        Company Information 
        For over 30 years, our company always adhere to the "strives for realism the innovation, forge ahead" business philosophy, focus on the production quality and develop new products, seek development by science and technology, the flexible design thought and strict craft standard amalgamation into an organic whole, with modern advanced technology to guide product upgrading. Now in our factory have not only charcoal briquette machine, shisha/hookah charcoal machine, tablet press machine, BBQ coal machine, BBQ Charcoal ball making machine ,sawdust briquette machine, etc, but also the accessory equipments for the whole production line.

        BBQ charcoal making machine

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